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Bird Control

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REX Environment Science are a SERVICE COMPANY providing PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS TO SERIOUS PROBLEMS. We have highly trained and skilled workers, experienced in all phases of bird control.

While Bird Control is associated with the Pest Management Industry, controlling birds is not at all similar to controlling insects or other vertebrate animals. The services are very dissimilar, like oil and water.

At Bird Control Services we use a wide variety of proven methods to control nuisance birds.

Tips for Effective Bird Control Management

Bird nests should be removed by using any REX Environment's products if there is a nesting situation involved.  If birds are in trees, and nests cannot be physically removed, products need to be in the trees with the birds in order to have any desired effect!
Electronic products typically do not work immediately!  Actually, in some cases, the electronics DO produce immediate and dramatic results.  BUT, as a general rule, and considering the thousands of situations and environments it may take several days and patience for the product to affect the birds.

Cockroaches Control

New Method of controlling cockroaches:

        The cockroaches are now controlled by using a gel. Unlike in the past, it is not necessary to spray foul smelling insecticides which used to cause a mess in the house. There is no need to empty the drawers and cover-up the food. It is also not necessary to close the house and go away.

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Method of Treatment:

Minute amounts of gel are applied in strategic but inconspicuous locations with the help of a syringe. The active ingredient in the gel is a new class molecule called the phenyl pyrazole. It has many advantages comparing to the other method of cockroach control.

How Gel Works:

        Gel has an edible product especially attractive to cockroaches. Gel has cascading effect. Once some cockroaches have eaten the gel they also contaminate other cockroaches thus producing cascading effect throughout the population of cockroaches. This leads to quick eradication.
      The gel has no smell. It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, kitchen appliances, computers etc. On which insecticide cannot be sprayed.
About 80% of cockroaches die in about one week. The remaining cockroaches are effectively controlled by three weeks. It takes about ½ hour to treat a flat of about 750 Sq Ft.

Rodent Control

Control of Rats and Mice:

Rats are intelligent and elusive animals and not controlled effectively by merely placing traps and poison. Only a few are ever caught and the remaining quickly learn to stay away from these traps and baits. Rat control thus becomes a very difficult problem and requires the attention of a qualified pest control operator.

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REX controls rats by a systematic study of rat behaviour. Our trainned and skilled personnel ensures that the very latest and the best in technology are used.

Our rat control operates on two levels: 
1.  Elimination of existing rats
2.  Preventing future infestation

Rats are mainly of two types:
1. House rats and mice
2. Field rats

Wood Borer Control

Powder post beetles (woodborers) are so called because in high numbers they are able to turn the inside of a piece of wood into nothing more than a mass of powder. They can do significant damage to log homes, furniture, wood floors and structural timbers.

Powder post beetles are small (1/8 inch) and the adult beetles are seldom seen. Most of the life cycle is spent in the grub stage eating wood. This stage can last between 1-10 years depending upon a number of factors including; species of beetle, type of wood infested, age of wood, moisture content of wood and air temperature. People do not realize that the wood is infested until the adult beetles emerge from within the wood.
The exit holes are very small, about the size of a pin head. When the wood is tapped with a hammer dust will fall from these exit holes. Depending on the species powder post beetles can infest hardwoods such as cherry and oak, or softwoods such as poplar, pine and bamboo. If you find a beetle infestation in a piece of oak furniture this same species of beetle would not infest your pine floor but might infest other pieces of your oak furniture. Powder post beetles can be serious pests of structures. The larvae of these beetles live in and consume dry, seasoned wood. The most common types of powder post beetles are Anobiid, Lyctid, and Bostrichid beetles. Other wood infesting pests are oldhouse borers and carpenter bees.
  • At REX we generally recommend that all timbers in a home to be treated before assembly.
  • It is much cheaper to treat preventively and of course it is also much less labor intensive.
  • For Active Wood Borer infestation we go for Spraying and Brushing treatment by using most effective and eco- friendly chemicals.
  • At times we have to inject chemical into the tiny short holes with the help of syringe to kill larvae in the woods, which keep on destroying the wooden furnishings and furniture.

Vector Control

REX FOGGING is ideal for poultry farms, bungalows, party lawns, housing societies, farm house, schools, industries, gram panchayats etc.. The advantage is it cover small areas effectively and uses LPG and burner fuel. AMC Available at selected towns.

Mosquitoes are a menace period. Its bite is deader than the pain it inflicts. fatal diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Brain Fever get transmitted by these tiny creatures. To prevent these you need effective Mosquitoes Management. Fogging is considered as an important tool a manage the adult mosquitoes, which has the capability of spreading these diseases managing adult mosquito not only disturb the life cycle of mosquito by bringing down the population of those mosquito which has the potential to multiply.
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