Friday, April 19, 2019

Bird Control

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REX Environment Science are a SERVICE COMPANY providing PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS TO SERIOUS PROBLEMS. We have highly trained and skilled workers, experienced in all phases of bird control.

While Bird Control is associated with the Pest Management Industry, controlling birds is not at all similar to controlling insects or other vertebrate animals. The services are very dissimilar, like oil and water.

At Bird Control Services we use a wide variety of proven methods to control nuisance birds.

Tips for Effective Bird Control Management

Bird nests should be removed by using any REX Environment's products if there is a nesting situation involved.  If birds are in trees, and nests cannot be physically removed, products need to be in the trees with the birds in order to have any desired effect!
Electronic products typically do not work immediately!  Actually, in some cases, the electronics DO produce immediate and dramatic results.  BUT, as a general rule, and considering the thousands of situations and environments it may take several days and patience for the product to affect the birds.