Wood Borer Control

Powder post beetles (woodborers) are so called because in high numbers they are able to turn the inside of a piece of wood into nothing more than a mass of powder. They can do significant damage to log homes, furniture, wood floors and structural timbers.
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Powder post beetles are small (1/8 inch) and the adult beetles are seldom seen. Most of the life cycle is spent in the grub stage eating wood. This stage can last between 1-10 years depending upon a number of factors including; species of beetle, type of wood infested, age of wood, moisture content of wood and air temperature. People do not realize that the wood is infested until the adult beetles emerge from within the wood.
The exit holes are very small, about the size of a pin head. When the wood is tapped with a hammer dust will fall from these exit holes. Depending on the species powder post beetles can infest hardwoods such as cherry and oak, or softwoods such as poplar, pine and bamboo. If you find a beetle infestation in a piece of oak furniture this same species of beetle would not infest your pine floor but might infest other pieces of your oak furniture. Powder post beetles can be serious pests of structures. The larvae of these beetles live in and consume dry, seasoned wood. The most common types of powder post beetles are Anobiid, Lyctid, and Bostrichid beetles. Other wood infesting pests are oldhouse borers and carpenter bees.
  • At REX we generally recommend that all timbers in a home to be treated before assembly.
  • It is much cheaper to treat preventively and of course it is also much less labor intensive.
  • For Active Wood Borer infestation we go for Spraying and Brushing treatment by using most effective and eco- friendly chemicals.
  • At times we have to inject chemical into the tiny short holes with the help of syringe to kill larvae in the woods, which keep on destroying the wooden furnishings and furniture.