Rodent Control

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Control of Rats and Mice:
Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals that live on man for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency they can sometimes be found even in the best kept premises. They cause epidemics and diseases. Apart from damage and food-contamination their presence can cause acute social embarrassment.
Rats are intelligent and elusive animals and not controlled effectively by merely placing traps and poison. Only a few are ever caught and the remaining quickly learn to stay away from these traps and baits. Rat control thus becomes a very difficult problem and requires the attention of a qualified pest control operator.
REX controls rats by a systematic study of rat behaviour. Our trainned and skilled personnel ensures that the very latest and the best in technology are used.

Our rat control operates on two levels:
1.  Elimination of existing rats
2.  Preventing future infestation

Rats are mainly of two types:
1. House rats and mice
2. Field rats