Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pest Control Services

Rex Environment Science at Ahmedabad has been servicing clients for Pest Control Treatment and Anti Termite treatment.

Pests are the most raising issues in both residential and commercial property. Pests as we all know are social insects which when interferes human life are no less than an enemy. They are risky to our wealth as well as health. Pests carry many harmful germs and bacteria which give rises to many life taking diseases.

 We can influence the growth of the pest till the extent that they don't cause any economical and health related damages. Pests like cockroaches, spiders, rats, Wasps and bees, termites, etc can be spotted in any corner of the world.

We use most advance and innovative technology in controlling and vanishing the pest control. Rex Pest Control Services offers you to deal with problems related to Anti-termite treatment, Rats Control, dis-infestation Spray, Wild Grass Control, General Pest Control (Ants, Woodborer, Bed Bugs, Lizard, Cockroach, Cricket etc.).


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Termite Control

Rex Pest Control, provides the modern Termite Control Products and methods available in our industry. For instance, some of the chemicals currently being utilized by our firm for termite control include PREMISE, manufactured by Bayer. Treatment around the Premise to eliminate termites attempting to gain entry into the Premise through a treated soil area.

The Termites commonly found are called Subterranean Termites because they live underground. Termite control are highly organized societies of several hundred thousand to 1 million or more individuals within a loose collection of underground tunnels and chambers. Termite food consists of wood and other cellulose products such as paper and cardboard. Reproductive, i.e.queens and kings, produce the new offspring, while soldiers guard the colony from invasion.